You’re a competitive plant: block your opponent’s leaves and win!

  • Two players
  • 15 minutes average play
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Improves spatial reasoning

“Treeblox is what I call ‘weird good’. I’m always looking for strategy games that do something different and this feels different.”

“A thinky two player abstract game that feels different. That’s cool! We need more stuff like this, I think, in the board gaming hobby.”

— Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

“It’s a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this game. It’s got a little bit of a competitive aspect to it. It’s got a little bit of cutthroatery, if you want to have that. And then it also allows you to kind of expand and grow. And it just works really well.”

“The quality of the components is really nice. Everything fits in really well.”

— Michael J Wright, Unfiltered Gamer

🌿  PLANT STRATEGY: Treeblox is an abstract strategy board game in which two trees compete for sunlight in three-dimensional space.

🌼  HOW TO PLAY: The game starts with an empty board. Players then take turns placing cubes that represent leaves and branches. Unshaded leaves (visible when the board is viewed from above) count as active and supply their tree with energy to grow further. Your goal is to shade out your opponent’s leaves while keeping your own leaves open to the sun.

🍃  INSPIRED BY NATURE: Struggling for space and sunlight, the two trees twist around each other and form unique shapes that look surprisingly natural. Witness cube-based canopies and tendrils emerge out of abstract strategic maneuvering.

💠  SPATIAL STRATEGY: To play Treeblox, one must think strategically in three dimensions. Strategy games are known to improve memory, planning, focus, and calculation skills as well as the ability to see others’ perspectives. Besides these well-known benefits strategy games generally offer, Treeblox will improve your spatial reasoning skills through immersive play.

🌊  SIMPLE RULES, DEEP PLAY: If you like abstract games like Chess or Go, you will enjoy Treeblox thanks to its simple rules and complex gameplay.

⏳  PLAY TIME: On average, expect 10 to 15 minutes of gameplay per session. Treeblox fits well into random breaks throughout the day. An hour is enough time for a four-game match.

Treeblox was created by Philip Olenyk in Kyiv, Ukraine.

You’re welcome to send him your questions and comments about the game: [email protected].

Philip Olenyk holding Treeblox