Treeblox was created by Philip Olenyk in 2021 and published by Emergent Plant Life in 2022.

Lisa Biletska, the co-founder and creative director at Emergent Plant Life, contributed to Treeblox in all of its aspects. She helped with game design, playtesting, visual design, naming, text editing, and all sorts of advice. Without her participation, Treeblox would not have acquired its present form.

Inna Maliukova believed in the game early in the creation process and helped finance its manufacturing.

Friends from Jumperound Games provided valuable feedback and business advice. Thanks go to Yaroslav Kologryvov, Denis Antonenko, and Anton Kalikin. 

Oleksandr Plivak in his engineering wizardry helped create some of the first physical prototypes of the Treeblox cubes and board.

I am grateful to all the friends who played the game and shared their thoughts and ideas. Thank you to Riana Abdulayeva, Ilko Gladstein, Paul Granek, Dasha Maiorova, Asya Sutyagina, Misha Voropayev, Mariia Diakova, Heorhii Vyhranovskyi, Yelyzaveta Romaniuk, Anton Kalikin.

Treeblox was manufactured by LongPack Games. Many thanks to Benson Yang who helped Treeblox become a thing.