Check out these videos showcasing Treeblox. Learn how to play and see what popular board game bloggers think about the game.

“Treeblox is what I call “weird good”. I’m always looking for strategy games that do something different and this feels different.”

“It is a really solid two player game. It says 15 minutes on the side that’s not far off. And a thinky two player abstract game that feels different. That’s cool! We need more stuff like this, I think, in the board gaming hobby.”

Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

“I really enjoy this game. I like the strategy of it, I like the view of it, the visibility, the three-dimensional nature of it and I have really enjoyed it.”

“I did take it to school and have a chance to play with some students. I had some students playing against each other during some breaks, and they really liked it. In fact, one of the students after playing it just one time said “Tell me when this is live on amazon. I’m buying this game.” So it’s been a big hit with some of the boys in my advisory at school and I really enjoy it myself.”

— Billy Indiana

“I love the components of this game. I love the really quick setup. All you’re doing is just separating the pieces between the two players. And this game has a simple rule set.”

“This game has a good amount of strategy and I just really enjoy that it doesn’t take long. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes and once you’re done with it you can leave it set up. Just leave it in the middle of the table so when people come to visit and they see it, they’re wondering, like: “What is this, some lego statue that you’re making?” You’re, like: “No this is a game!” And you explain it to them, how long it takes and the simple rules and they might be, like: “Hey let’s give this a shot, I wouldn’t mind playing it.”

“If you are a fan of abstract strategy games this would be the one to check out.”

Dwayne Shearill, BlackBoardGaming

“Yeah it’s a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this game. It’s got a little bit of competitive aspect to it. It’s got a little bit of cutthroatery, if you want to have that. And then it also allows you to kind of expand and grow and it just works really well.

“The quality of the components is really nice. Everything fits in really well.”

“It’s a really fun, really beautiful, really enjoyable game. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this game. And this is definitely going to be staying in my collection because I can easily see myself pulling this out again.”

— Michael J Wright, Unfiltered Gamer